A Clarification on Waveform in LiDAR

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From Point Clouds to Surface–The Open-Source Route

posted: April 23, 2013

Woolpert has long sought a targeted solution to the problem of LiDAR exploitation, so we devised and developed a framework, Automated Building Extraction (ABE), that uses open-source data toolkits and libraries to detect objects in LiDAR data, extract them and construct realistic surfaces representing solids within the point cloud.

Change Detection Using Statewide Data

posted: April 23, 2013

Woolpert has applied its automated change detection routines to assist jurisdictions in Ohio to carry out faster and more equitable property appraisals.


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3 Clicks, 2 Clicks, 1 Click, Go!

posted: October 11, 2012

When it comes to mobile mapping, the amount of data involved can be overwhelming. But what does this data tell us? Not a whole lot on its own. The big challenge is turning this mountain of data into usable information.

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Creating LiDAR Processes for NextGen Sensors

posted: October 4, 2012

Working with the big data generated by emerging LiDAR technologies.


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UAS: Threat or Opportunity

posted: August 29, 2012

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in our national airspace. Two things are driving this buzz.