The Eyeball Perspective

posted: December 14, 2017


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The Development of Crop Monitoring Tech: Part 1

posted: August 22, 2014

In collaboration with Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), the Ohio State University (OSU) and the Design Knowledge Company (TDKC), our new research project could mean overall better crop yields, a benefit to both farmers and the general public alike.


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From Point Clouds to Surface–The Open-Source Route

posted: April 23, 2013

Woolpert has long sought a targeted solution to the problem of LiDAR exploitation, so we devised and developed a framework, Automated Building Extraction (ABE), that uses open-source data toolkits and libraries to detect objects in LiDAR data, extract them and construct realistic surfaces representing solids within the point cloud.

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When Agent-Oriented Programming Works

posted: December 4, 2012

There are several paradigms available within computing to write software, and although the final outcome (what the software actually accomplishes) may be the same, the paradigm used can make a difference for the programmer—especially with regards to flexibility in conceptual representation, design and maintenance.


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3 Clicks, 2 Clicks, 1 Click, Go!

posted: October 11, 2012

When it comes to mobile mapping, the amount of data involved can be overwhelming. But what does this data tell us? Not a whole lot on its own. The big challenge is turning this mountain of data into usable information.